Family Case Investigation Services in Delhi

The best detective agency in Delhi is a certified and recognised private detective agency for business, personal and Family case investigation services in Delhi. The detective agency has an all India network of detectives and undercover agents to conduct the needed investigations and surveillances. The agency is founded by the highly experienced former detectives of central investigation agencies.

The comprehensive work of the private detective agency comprises business, and personal cases. The family cases investigation services in Delhi include divorce cases, pre marriage investigations on the background of a boy or girl, post marriage investigations to find infidelity, cheating, extra marital affairs, person missing investigations, loyalty test, adultery cases, and personal background investigations.

The family case investigations help the client to take the next step with confidence. The final report helps them to confirm the doubt, or on the other hand, the result of the investigation confirms the innocence of the partner.

During the investigations or surveillance, the detective assumes various roles to shadow the suspect. Never does the suspect come to know that he or she is under surveillance. The entire operation is silently run by the team. The methods that are deployed depend on the nature of the case, range of the investigations and activities of the suspect. Both traditional methods like physical surveillance, following the suspect, etc. are done alone with the services of the latest methods. The teams use hidden GPS trackers, hidden cameras, hidden video surveillance, recording of conversations, etc.